Our Services

Aims Global is a team of New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisers and support staff that:

  • Assist NZ businesses hire and retain onshore and offshore migrant workers
  • Assist NZ businesses navigate immigration processes and stay compliant
  • Assist individuals visit, study, work, or settle in NZ
  • Address complex immigration issues for individuals and NZ employers, including those related to employment law

Experience Makes Aims Global Stand Out

The team at Aims Global have a combined 40 years of extensive experience, and have demonstrated success across the following areas:

For Businesses

  • Employer Accreditation - managing the entire process of applying for accreditation
  • Job Checks - managing the entire process of applying for job checks
  • Visa Services (work visas, resident visas, student visas, visitor visas - including different sub categories within each) - ensuring migrant employees are on the best visa for their unique situations (we will weigh and balance the different options with our clients to see what's best for the employer and the employee)
  • Immigration compliance - providing accurate and reliable advice to ensure that employers always remain compliant 
  • Ongoing support and knowledge sharing- ensuring employers and migrant employees are kept up-to-date with immigration matters through monthly meetings, newsletters, etc.
  • Training & Updates (Webinar Series, Training Solutions, Policy Updates) - equipping your staff (HR teams, recruiters, migrant employees, etc.) with the basics of the immigration knowledge they need in this landscape
  • General immigration consultations - ensuring your staff are on the right immigration pathways to achieve their goals

For Individuals

  • Residence visas - Skilled Migrant Category, Parent Resident Cateogry, Green List Tier 1 (Straight to Residence) & Tier 2 (Work to Residence), Highly Paid, Sector Agreements and other family based residence pathways
  • Work visas - Post-study open work visa, Partnership-based work visa or employer-assisted work visas (Specific Purpose, Accredited Employer Work Visa)
  • Visitor visas - For those already in NZ wanting to extend their stay or those entering the country - General Visitor Visa, family-based visitor visa and Business Visitor Visas
  • Family & partner visas - Including visas for parents, grandparents, children and partners
  • Dependent children - All dependency based visas
  • Education advice & student visas - From matching your educational and professional background with courses to obtaining the offer letter from institutions - plus visas after admission
  • Special Direction & IPT Appeals - responding to and challenging declined visa applications either through the Minister (where circumstances warrant so) or Immigration Protection Tribunal (IPT)
  • Section 61 applications - addressing and resolving unlawful status for those still in NZ but no longer on a valid visa
  • General immigration consultations - ensuring individuals are on the right immigration pathways to achieve their goals

For Educational Institutions

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