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Is your employer ready for accreditation?

03 March 2021

The temporary work visa scheme is being overhauled after mid-2021. INZ will be introducing a new tiered 3-check visa application system and replacing six temporary work visas with one. The current visa application process puts an applicant at the heart of the process – this will be replaced by the employer. A complete turnaround from what we have known a traditional work visa process to be!

In the new scheme, for a work visa to be supported (does not apply to open work visas), the employer has to be accredited.

For a large proportion of smaller businesses, that rely on migrant labour, many processes like HR, workplace policies and payroll are done in-house or not at all. The business owner assumes all these responsibilities and along with running their core business (in which they are fully involved on a daily basis); many compliance functions with employment law are overlooked. These businesses are not going to meet INZ’s accreditation requirements unless they get their ducks in a row – now! A basic business structure to ensure mandatory regulatory requirements are met would need to be put into place now!

In fact, they should carefully consider whether they:

  • Comply with relevant regulatory standards, if not, how will they fix this?
  • Are not on INZ’s stand-down list.
  • Have no history of non-compliance in dealings with INZ, and if they did, how will they improve business practises to ensure it doesn’t happen again?
  • Own a sustainable and genuine business – how will they show this?

The above are some very basic checks INZ will undertake for standard accreditation; with the high volume being the above + more!

This becomes especially time-critical if the employees who need visas supported are looking to submit applications after mid-2021. If your employer is not accredited, a work visa cannot be done. This time is paramount for migrant workers to remind their employers about these policy changes and encourage them to set the wheels in motion for mandatory accreditation coming soon.

We are experts in helping migrant workers and businesses staying at the forefront of immigration policy changes. Contact us now to understand how we can help you and your employer with the new accreditation process!

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