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Migrant Story: Father’s deportation cancelled despite assaulting racist bullies in NZ

04 April 2022

A migrant convicted of serious criminal charges which were directed towards his son’s bullies was saved from deportation.

Aims Global successfully canceled a migrant’s deportation liability and saved a family from separating after the father retorted to violence when protecting his son from racial bullying.

The family moved from India to Waikato in 2017. The father was on a temporary entry class visa, the wife was on a work visa and the son studied in primary school on a student visa.

The father was charged with an assault, threatening to kill a bully of his child 2 years ago, and was issued a Deportation Liability Notice (DLN) in early 2022.

Three months before the father’s alleged assault, his ten-year-old boy, experienced escalating levels of racism and bullying in and outside school, where he was the only Indian kid.

The bullying started with name-calling, racial slurs, breaking the child’s belongings and later turned to physical violence when he was beaten outside school hours.

After receiving no assistance from the school or the local community, the father, who witnessed his family being racially discriminated against and physically harmed for months, tipped over the edge one evening when their house was egged.

Overwhelmed with the need to protect his family and end this ongoing problem, the father decided to take matters into his own hands and deal with the kids himself. He used physical force on one the kids. He was then reported to the police and the court charged him with assault.

Earlier this year, Immigration New Zealand issued a deportation notice for the father but with Aims Global’s advisers fighting the case and putting forward robust arguments for him to stay, he was saved from being deported back to India.

The family is now at peace. They also moved to a different town and have changed their son’s school. They have even been able to submit their residence through Aims Global. 

From the Adviser's perspective

Aims Global’s Senior Licensed Immigration Advisor, Zinnia Manchanda, who won a range of deportation cases including this one, said she had to peel so many layers to win the case.

There's a lot going on in such a situation. I tried to not get emotionally wrapped up in client cases, but this one really pulled at the heart strings and is probably why I was able to get the deportation cancelled - I really believed in what I was fighting for.”

I mean they are such a quiet humble family. They didn't deserve any of this.  Yes, they could have done things differently but the need to protect your loved ones can be blinding,” Zinnia said.

When tackling the case Zinnia had to focus on the smallest details and think outside the box to establish family’s credibility.

It took a long time to put the case together, lots of late nights, but I was quite confident when I submitted it,” she said.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and it affects your visa status, our advisors are happy to help.

Email and your matters will be handled with confidentiality and care by Aims Global professionals.

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