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FAQs: Culturally Arranged Marriage (CAM) Visitor Visa

02 May 2022
Updated 2.12.2022

Recently married? Not lived together? Culturally Arranged Marriage (CAM) Visitor Visa may be the right fit for you.  

At the time of writing, CAM applications can take up to 5 months to get approved.  The applicant is given nine months to enter the country from the date the visa is approved. It's a single-entry visa is only valid for three months from first entry to New Zealand. CAM is only available for partners of New Zealand citizens and residents.

This visa category proves to have a high decline rate, but there has been a 100% approval rate for CAM applications at Aims Global.

Here we share the frequently asked questions and common misconceptions about CAM visitor visa.  

Q: How quickly do I need to submit a CAM visa after my marriage? 

A:  It must be done within three months. 

Q: What are the main requirements of this visa? 

A: Firstly, the marriage must be arranged by a third party and not the bride and groom. Secondly, marriage must follow an identified cultural tradition. Thirdly, the application must be made within three months of marriage. 

Q: If someone had a proper cultural marriage with all rites and rituals, can they apply for CAM even if it’s love marriage? 

A: No. The bride and groom cannot be parties to the initial selection, must be done by a third person. 

Q: We met through a matrimonial and my parents were involved but we made the final decision, can we apply for this category? 

A: Maybe. Depends on who was operating the matrimonial website accounts and who influenced the selection of the bride and groom. All comes down to the exact details of the case and associated evidence that can be provided.

Q: Is living together a requirement for this visa? 

A: No. 

If you are a NZ resident or have recently become one, you may be considering your marital prospects and travel to your home country for your nuptials. You would want to bring your partner to New Zealand after. This is the perfect time to investigate CAM as an option and see if this category would work for your circumstances. The evidence needs to start early, so it’s never too early to start.

With Aims Global having zero application declines in this category, you can feel confident about bringing your loved one here even if you haven’t lived together.

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