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Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) – A Phased Approach

07 May 2021

This has been a long time coming. After the first glimpses of announcements in 2019, we finally have a name and a launch date for a new temporary work visa.  The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) will replace key work visa categories i.e., Essential Skills, Talent (Accredited Employer) and Long Term Skill Shortage List; and will begin in mid-2022.

This date will also see a whole new process come into place – a 3-tiered employer led system where the actual work visa by the foreign worker will only be submitted at the third step. This simply means that accreditation will be mandatory for any employer supporting a migrant worker on AEWV from mid-2022.

However, this is not an abrupt transition – it is a phased approach starting 30 June 2021. Here’s what it looks like:

30 June 2021

On this day, 2 employer policies are closing to new and renewal applications: Accredited Employer (Talent – Accredited Employer) and Labour Hire Accreditation. If any employers want to use these schemes, then their applications must be submitted by 30 June. This date is significant because it provides a very small window for any employers still wanting to be accredited, and support employees on Talent (Work to Residence) Work Visas.

Late September 2021 

Sometime around the end of September, INZ’s portals will open to accept applications under the new accreditation system. This gives those employers wanting accreditation sooner than later a chance to get a month or so head start.

31 October 2021

This date is critical as any Essentials Skills, Talent Accredited Employer (Work to Residence) and Long-term Skill Shortage Skills Visas must be submitted by then. This would be especially relevant to employees of those employers who do not want to become accredited anytime soon.

1 November 2021

The whole process changes and the full AEWV policy and 3-check system is officially live.

Note: INZ has delayed the start of the Accredited Employer Work Visa and employer accreditation scheme until mid-2022. Learn more.

critical timeline for AEWV

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