Does my client need accreditation

If your client currently has migrant workers in their workforce or if they have hired them in the recent past, it is likely this will be the case in the near future also.

Does my client need accreditation?

Yes, if:

  • They are supporting migrant workers (those that are not New Zealand citizens or residents) into employment in their company after 4 July 2022.
  • These workers either do not hold a work visa or hold one that is tied into another job with another employer.

No, if:

  • If they do not plan to hire any migrants after 4 July 2022 and/or
  • They are supporting migrant workers who have open work rights (their work visa allows them to work for anyone in New Zealand)

All recruiters must ensure that any migrant candidates they wish to place can meet immigration requirements, even if they clear the recruitment process. Failing to do so will lead to resource wastage because unless a successful candidate can get appropriate work rights granted from Immigration New Zealand, they cannot actually start work. 

New 3-step process

Under the new 3-step process, an employer must first be accredited called 'employer check'. Secondly, the 'job' itself must be approved by INZ before any migrant can be placed in it, called 'job check'. In this stage, it is assessed if there is a genuine need for the role, how it pays (should be market rate) and if/how the role is advertised. Once these requirements are met, only then your candidate can submit a visa. The employer and job check must be done prior to the third stage, assuming your candidate does require visa support.