Jorge MarquetImmigration Assistant

Jorge joined our team of Immigration Assistants late 2020 to help studying and preparing complex visa applications for our clients in need.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, Jorge graduated with honours from Law School in 2018. During his studies, he participated in an exchange program with the prestigious Institute of Political Sciences in Paris, France, where he developed an affection for international law and public policies.

After graduating, he came to New Zealand and in order to gain experience in New Zealand’s workfield, Jorge started working as a support – language specialist for a world leading tourism operator. This made him develop great customer service skills as he interacted with people from all around the world in 3 different languages – English, Spanish and French.

Quickly making his way up, he was given the opportunity to work with the digital marketing team to assist with several aspects of it, such as digital market research, search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns to mention a few.

In his role at Aims Global, Jorge’s diverse set of legal, technical and analytical skills makes him valuable to provide high quality insights for our Immigration Advisers, especially when working on convoluted visa applications.

In his free time, Jorge likes to run half marathons, practice calisthenics, play the piano and electric guitar, cooking and during the holidays he enjoys driving around New Zealand’s outstanding landscapes accompanied by his partner.

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