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Work to Residence

The Work to Residence category offers visa options for applicants who have been offered employment by an Accredited Employer, or who have been offered employment in an occupation that is on the Long Term Skills Shortage List, or have specific talent. This category provides a clear pathway to residence. We have represented numerous Work to Residence applications, both under the Accredited Employer and Long Term Skills Shortage List categories.

Work to Residence: Long Term Skill Shortage 

The category of work visa is for those migrants who are offered employment in jobs that are on the Long Term Skills Shortage List. This list is revised annually to reflect the demands of the labour market.

Key requirements:

  • Offer of employment in an occupation on the Long Term Skills Shortage List
  • Qualification and/or experience in line with the requirements specified on the LTSSL
Work to Residence: Accredited Employer 

INZ maintains a list of Accredited Employers who have met certain requirements and can, therefore, recruit migrant workers without advertising for vacancies.

Key requirements:

  • An offer of employment for 24 months or more from an Accredited Employer
  • Remuneration of $55,000 per year or more for a 40 hour work week.

Click here for more information about work to residence visa (Accredited Employer), and Click here for residence visa (Long term Skill Shortage List)

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