Post Study Work Visa - Employer Assisted

Post Study Work Visa – Employer Assisted

For those who succeed in finding work that is relevant to the qualification they have obtained in NZ, INZ has a specific category of work visa to enable them to gain valuable post qualification work experience. This category of work visa has the following requirements:

  • The major subject area and level of the qualification must be directly applicable to the offer of employment
  • The qualification must be a key factor in the employer’s decision to offer the employment

This type of work visa application can often pose challenges, and we can support applicants in obtaining suitable documents from their employers, and compile and submit high-quality well-represented applications on their behalf.
The most important requirement for this type of visa is an offer of employment that is relevant to the qualification gained in NZ. We can advise you as to whether your job offer is relevant and support you to ensure the submission made to Immigration New Zealand has the best possible chance of success.

For for more information about post-study work visa- employer assisted, visit Immigration New Zealand Website

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