Esstential Skills Work Visa New Zealand

Essential Skill Work Visa

Many important industries in New Zealand are finding it challenging to recruit local New Zealanders for important roles. Industries such as construction, information and communications technology, public health and the culinary field, are in need of skilled and experienced workers to take up jobs. However, the local labour market is often unable to meet these skills demands.

As a result, thousands of businesses across New Zealand are offering employment to suitably skilled, qualified and experienced migrant workers. These migrant workers usually apply for work visas under the Essential Skills category.

Key requirements

  • For a visa to be granted under Essential Skills, an employer must first conduct a robust labour market test of the local labour market to determine if any suitably New Zealanders are available to fill the role.
  • If the labour market test is unsuccessful, the employer may offer the role to a suitably qualified migrant worker. Essential skills work visa applicants can be offshore or onshore.
  • In some instances, a labour market test may be omitted. This includes the occupation being on one of the Essential Skills In Demand lists or the employer having an Approval in Principle to recruit migrants for that role. More detailed information may be found on the Immigration New Zealand website.

We have extensive experience with processing Essential Skills applications. We assist applicants with all stages of the process, including explaining the documents required and advocating on their behalf if INZ queries any aspect of the application. Our representation is comprehensive and we support our clients from the time of sign up right up till we achieve a successful outcome.

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