Migration StatisticsDistribution of work visas by nationality varies, but decision making is consistent.

The government has now been in power for almost 2 years. It is worth noting how the amendments in policy have impacted the distribution of work visas in New Zealand. This, along with the success rate for such applications, reveal many trends.

Below we see critical comparisons between; the number of Work Visa applications lodged from the four countries New Zealand receives the most applications from, and the corresponding decline rates:

Clearly there is a large disparity between the number of applications lodged between India, South Africa, China, and the UK. India takes the lead with the sheer number of applications – with almost 18% of all work visa applications received being from Indian nationals. However, the percentage of declines (and approvals) are all very similar to each other. The exception is China who is slightly higher than the overall (all countries) decline rate of 5.7% (257,107 applications receiving 14,736 declines).

This shows a consistency from INZ that has otherwise been doubted. Highlighting the need to continue our comprehensive approach to all applications, no matter where they are coming from. Whether high risk or low risk countries.

Lastly, a broad overview of all the Work Visas submitted (for the year ending 31st March 2019) has been provided. It shows that India is still the largest group by over 20,000 applications, with the United Kingdom beginning to close on the number of applications from China.

Statistics Source: Immigration New Zealand


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