Labour Hire Companies – Immigration Changes- by Zinnia Manchanda

With the introduction of the new Immigration accreditation scheme mid 2021, labour hire companies will be treated differently to the rest, as they are deemed to present a higher risk of immigration non-compliance. In an effort to simplify immigration for our Labour hire employers and partners, we have highlighted below some critical changes that are being introduced under the new scheme.

At present, only labour hire companies that support migrants wanting to work in the Canterbury construction sector must be accredited. But following the impending changes, all labour hire companies will be required to undergo a specific form of accreditation. These companies will not be able to support visas if not accredited by Immigration NZ.

Once the new accreditation scheme takes effect next year, labour hire employers would be required to meet the same standards as high-volume employers but would be subject to more robust verification, including site visits. The accreditation will be granted for 12 months at a time and renewed annually.

Labour Hire companies would also need to demonstrate that they will only contract foreign workers to other compliant businesses. Labour Hire companies will be obligated, as part of their accreditation process and ongoing compliance, to ensure that any companies they hire out their migrant workers to, also have good workplace practices.

The world of immigration can be challenging to navigate, especially in these dynamic times with big changes being introduced. Aims Global Immigration is here to help and is running a webinar on 11th November, specifically for employers and companies who are not accredited by INZ at present, but will need to be accredited under the new rules. If you’d like to attend this session, please register through this link.

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