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Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visas

02 December 2020

With the launch of the new temporary work visa changes in 2021, the landscape of immigration as we know it will evolve substantially.

A question we get asked consistently is how removal of the six work visa categories and merger into one temporary work visa scheme will impact those that already hold these work visas. This question is of utmost significance to those holding Talent Accredited Employer work visas as there is a pathway to residence tied into these visas, so a lot is at stake.

It will come as a relief to Talent – Accredited Employer work visa holders and their employers that the work visa and its subsequent pathway to residence will be retained, even after the dissolution of this work visa category.

Additionally, it is a likely scenario that their visa will expire before their residence is approved, given the processing times that stand at the moment. There are immigration instructions that allow them to submit another Talent visa on the salary threshold they were originally approved under, as long as the residence is submitted and is under assessment. To do this, they must apply for the new visa before their current one expires and must continue working for the same employer that the residence is based on. This subsequent visa can be granted for another 24 months. These policy settings would apply irrespective of the new changes that go live mid next year.

Another question we get asked often is whether someone can change employers during the course of their Talent Accredited Employer Work visa and still retain their residence pathway. If someone moves to another accredited employer, a variation of conditions to their work visa can most likely be applied however if they move to a non-accredited employer, then depending on the situation, the visa may or may not be varied.

Though INZ is intending minimal disruption to the residence pathways for Talent – Accredited Employer work visa holders, there are some traps that migrants and employers could still fall into. To ensure this does not happen, it is paramount to remain informed of policy settings and how these can impact your business and employees. Uncertainty and ambiguity for employees impacts business productivity, and in the current environment it is essential to seek the right advice when immigration policy and human resourcing decisions are so deeply intertwined.

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