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FAQs - February 2024 Median Wage Increase

25 January 2024

The median wage will increase from $29.66/hr to $31.61/hr for all non-Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) policies from Feb 2024. Skilled Migrant Residence Category, Parent Residence and some occupations eligible for Tier 1 Straight to residence under the Green List.

Even though the government has paused the median wage increase at this stage for AEWV and when this change will take place has not been announced, it is advisable that employers are prepared for what this change will mean for their businesses.

So to understand this nuanced policy and how the median wage change impacts various policies across INZ, here are some handy FAQs to simplify things.

My job check at $29.66/hr was approved before the increase in median wage; do I need to readvertise or submit a new one?

No, the job check can still be used to support a visa application. All job checks submitted after the increase in median wage must meet the new threshold of $31.61/hr. 

However, if your candidate applies for an AEWV on or after the change, then you must pay them at least the new median, even though your job check was approved for the old one.

I have advertised a role at $29.66/hr for 2 weeks, and I am submitting a job check after the change in median wage. Will my job check application be affected? 

Any advertising submitted for new job checks will need to reflect the new wage threshold, even if advertising was completed before the median wage increased. This means that you may need to advertise again to meet the increased median wage before submitting the job check.

I am hiring an employee who will need a VOC to an existing AEWV. Do we need to pay them the new median wage? 

Yes, the AEWV applicant must meet the new median wage threshold at the time of applying for a VOC.

My employee is renewing their existing visa or moving to AEWV from another visa. Do I need to increase their pay to meet the median wage increase? 

Yes, unless the role is exempt.

My employee is going to apply for a Skilled Migrant Category visa application. How will the new wage threshold impact their application? 

Skilled Migrant Category is largely impacted by the median wage change. The increased median wage will now affect the threshold amounts used for claiming points under Income.

If you or your organisation need assistance in navigating the complex world of immigration, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can help you tackle the present and prepare for the future. Alternatively, feel free to email us at or call our Business Development Manager, Nimita Dutt, at +64 22 174 4084.

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