Become a Partner

Only licensed immigration advisers are allowed, by law, to provide immigration advice to migrants working in your company.

Due to the biggest change to the immigration system in New Zealand that we have seen in our lifetimes, Aims Global is fostering close relationships with our employer partners to help them navigate this new world of uncertainty. We act as an immigration arm for your firm and ensure you, as the business, and your employees are able to stay compliant with the changing political climate and minimise any disruptions to your workflow.

Over the past year or so, businesses have shown themselves to be resilient but cautious. This is reflected in the positive hiring trends and visa support that many businesses are willing to offer to their migrant workforce. However, change always brings uncertainty and more questions.

Becoming a partner with us offers you a range of unique benefits:

  • We simplify the complexity of the immigration system so you can actually understand what’s going on.
  • We tell you what you need to do to stay at the forefront of policy changes – this advice is tailored to your business and your workforce.
  • We tell you of upcoming risks or hurdles and actively guide you on your talent acquisition strategy for migrant workers.
  • We will work with you to reduce the stress and time pressure on your HR teams, so they are not bogged down by immigration concepts.
  • We keep a track of your employees’ visa expiry dates and residence status and prompt you in a timely manner to initiate the process for further visas.
  • We counsel your staff on their future immigration options and give them practical knowledge to calm their anxiety and prepare for their next steps
  • We are embedded in the international education sector as well as working across a range of visa services. This means we can directly work with your employees for their or their relatives’ immigration needs, even when your involvement as an employer is not required – making Aims Global a one-stop-shop for everything immigration.
Offering professional visa solutions to our immigration partners

Immigration advice in New Zealand is legally regulated and employers and HR cannot advice their visa holder staff on visa options. Our corporate advice gets quality checked and comes only from our most experienced licensed immigration advisers. We not only ensure you, as a business, are compliant with immigration law but can also avoid legal risks by referring your employees directly to our authorised team for any questions. This has the added benefit of freeing up HR and employers from answering questions they cannot legally answer and in many cases, do not have the required knowledge to do so either.