We make it easy for New Zealand businesses to hire migrant employees

If you are a New Zealand employer seeking guidance with the immigration process, we recommend applying for a free initial consultation with us below.  We have a wide range of services which we can tailor to your specific industry and needs.

By choosing us to be your trusted immigration partner, we guide you through the accreditation process, act as your liaison between employer and employee for individual employee visas and prepare you for upcoming changes in immigration law.

Our licensed immigration advisers will explain your employer obligations to you, make you aware and help you navigate the complex immigration process, and conduct a Q&A session with you.

Proven Expertise

Only a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer can provide advice on New Zealand immigration matters. As your immigration partner, we provide trusted, consistent, and timely information ensuring you avoid legal risks and your applications cover all INZ requirements.

Up To Date

We are at the forefront of policy change and do a substantial amount of investigative work into current and upcoming policies. We are able to advise you on how a policy amendment will impact you allowing you the time and flexibility to react and adjust your recruitment strategies.

Streamlined and Hassle Free

Immigration policy can be overly complex with multiple layers of requirements. We simplify the process for you by ensuring you understand the policy so you can focus on hiring the getting right people in your team.

Peace of Mind

Upholding confidentiality and ensuring client privacy are at the heart of our professional ethics, you can be r assured that your IP/information is protected and safe. You will be sharing information with one trusted partner, solely for its agreed purpose.  We will contest accordingly should Immigration NZ seek unnecessary information.

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